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And I thought I was accident prone! [Jan. 30th, 2009|11:50 pm]
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[Current Mood | shocked]

I get to work today and the owner's there. Today was one of the few days we actually chatted for awhile (he was waiting for his wife to bring the new movies). And he was telling me about his little accident at the other video store he owns.

I can't do this word for word because of his terrible English, but here's the gist. At least what I understood, LOL.

One of the lights went out at his other store, and the ceiling is much higher than ours is. He grabbed a ladder to try to fix it. And while he was up there, he saw a bee up there. Apparently he never learned that bees generally won't attack you unless provoked because he came down the ladder, grabbed a DVD case, climbed back up and started trying to swat at the bee. Mr. Bee was not happy with this and started trying to attack Boss Man.

To skip ahead a bit, yes, he fell off the ladder. Landed on his feet (I think, that part's a bit sketchy), and hurt his foot. He was incredibly lucky he didn't break one or both of his legs. But he's a big believer in acupuncture so he was telling me how he's been going and getting it done for a couple weeks now. That's his remedy for every ache, acupuncture, lol. He showed me how his foot's all wrapped up and he was limping on that leg. He's getting mad that it's still hurting him after 2 weeks. And that the doctor told him how he's not young anymore and has to be careful now, LOL.

Okay, while I was horrified at the image of him falling (cause I could just picture falling from a ladder and completely breaking a bone in the leg), thinking about it now is just beyond hilarious. I can so picture him swatting at the bee, to have the bee lunge at him scaring the hell out of him. I can probably only laugh now because he didn't get seriously hurt.

This is not the first time he's fallen from a ladder or a countertop. It's happened a few times. I've never witnessed it myself, thank god, but it's happened. He's never careful. He lucks out every time, never breaking any bones *knock on wood cause I don't wish him to break any*. But I think he's more klutzy than I've ever been.

On a completely different note, I now haz digital cable! Woohoo!
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What is wrong with people? [Dec. 15th, 2007|12:01 am]
[Current Mood |hating holiday season]

Seriously. When has it become common to harass and stalk the workers at say, a video store, just because they wouldn't let you in after they closed to get a movie? Especially after cussing them out when they explained to you that they told your son they closed in 5 minutes and you showed up after that time? They didn't cuss back. They simply told you to have a good night and that your account was closed, and to have a good night again.

Are you supposed to hang around for 20 minutes after, waiting for them to leave? What exactly do you have in mind at this point? Are ya gonna shoot em? Beat the crap outta them? Demand they open the store back up and let you get your movie? Follow them home to see where they live so you can come back with some buddies and shoot the house up? Are ya just trying to scare them? Cause ya sure took off fast enough when one of them called for their ride home. Did ya think they were calling the cops? What is there to possibly be gained from waiting outside in your car for a solid 20 minutes?

Here's a tip: Grow the fuck up, lady!
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No more rain, but lookie!!! [Oct. 28th, 2007|02:06 pm]
[Current Mood | happy]

I didn't look yesterday as I forgot to, but I went to the site today to check the stats on the fires and look!!!!

San Diego County
Witch Fire – 197,990 acres – 90% contained
Harris Fire – 90,750 acres – 65% contained
Poomacha Fire – 49,150 acres – 50% contained
Rice Fire – 9,000 acres – 100% contained
Horno/Ammo Fire – 21,084 acres – 100% contained
Wilcox Fire – 100 acres – 100% contained
Cajon Fire – 250 acres – 100% contained
McCoy Fire – 300 acres – 100% contained
Coronado Hills Fire – 300 acres – 100% contained

San Bernardino County
Slide Fire – 12,789 acres – 75% contained
Grass Valley Fire - 1,140 acres – 95% contained
Martin Fire – 123 acres – 100% contained
Walker Fire – 160 acres 100% contained

Orange County
Santiago Fire – 27,900 acres – 50% contained

Los Angeles County
Ranch Fire – 58,401 acres – 97% contained
Canyon Fire – 4,565 acres – 100% contained
Magic Fire – 2,824 acres – 100% contained
Buckweed Fire – 38,356 acres – 100% contained
Meadowridge Fire – 40 acres - 100% contained

Santa Barbara County
Sedgewick Fire – 710 acres – 100% contained

Riverside County
Rosa Fire – 411 acres – 100% contained
Roca Fire – 270 acres – 100% contained

Ventura County
Nightsky Fire – 35 acres – 100% contained

Finally!! I guess the little bit of rain we got did help. They are finally getting it under control now!
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Might as well... [Jun. 5th, 2007|04:35 pm]
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[Current Mood | bored]

Since I got this journal, I might as well do some posting over here, lol. One thing I totally love? All the icons I can have without having to get a paid account! YAY! Now it's trying to decide on which icons I want on here cause I have so many that I love. Mostly thanks to the lovely ladies who make all the pretties, lol. One day I need to get a good icon making program so I can make my own pretties, and not some simple pathetic ones.

I would especially love some animated ones, that'd prolly take me forever to learn how to do. Oh well, though. At least I have another place to post now and have more pretties. :-)

Oh, this journal will pretty much be friends only as my LJ has become. I'm paranoid that way. So anyone wanting to read my ramblings and isn't already friended, just lemme know here and I'll add ya! :-)
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